Noreen Martin and Chris Hulburd

Noreen Martin and Chris Hulburd, MD

Noreen Martin has been touched by cancer in a very personal way. Her late husband, Tom Martin, was stricken by cancer and her current husband, Dr. Chris Hulburd, is a cancer survivor.

In 2017, Noreen and Chris established the Martin Hulburd Family Cancer Education Fund with a generous $300,000 gift.

“Chris and I have experienced first-hand the nightmare of a cancer diagnosis,” says Noreen. “We believe that education is a powerful tool to gain back control and bring hope to the future.”

Noreen is no stranger to philanthropy — or to hard work. As a widow with a young child, she led Martin Resorts, the business she and Tom had established together, to thrive as one of the top private, female-owned companies in the country. To this day, she is heavily involved in countywide tourism efforts and in 2015, she assisted in the creation of the first Countywide Tourism Marketing District. She currently serves on the official State of California tourism board and as Board Chair for Martin Resorts.

In addition to her service within the tourism industry, Noreen dedicates her time to many boards and organizations throughout the business and nonprofit communities. One of these groups is the Hearst Cancer Resource Center Advisory Committee for French Hospital Medical Center. For Noreen, this cause particularly hits home.

“We are honored and pleased to have this opportunity to support the Hearst Cancer Resource Center and create this new cancer education fund,” says Noreen.

The gift that established the Martin Hulburd Family Cancer Education Fund inspired further overwhelming generosity at the 2017 Share the Hope event. In just one evening, attendees came together to raise an additional $400,000, bringing the fund to a total of $700,000 in its first year.

The fund will be used to provide educational classes for those diagnosed with cancer and their families on a wide range of topics, including nutrition, exercise, stress management, integrative medicine, advances in cancer treatments, clinical case studies, managing personal finances and more. All classes will be offered free of charge to participants, arranged and hosted by the Hearst Cancer Resource Center.

The Martin Hulburd Family Cancer Education Fund will provide significant support to continue these classes. And it all started out of one family’s personal passion and desire to leave a lasting gift.

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