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Breast Cancer Prevention Fund

Providing free screenings and testing for the underserved.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in the world and the second most deadly for women, second only to lung cancer. Fortunately, early detection increases the likelihood of better outcomes and survival for breast cancer patients. Early detection saves thousands of lives each year, but early detection can only occur if patients have access to these important screenings and tests. Knowing the importance of early detection, the Breast Cancer Prevention Fund was established at French Hospital Medical Center (FHMC).

The fund covers the cost of mammography screenings and diagnostic testing in order to provide these services at no charge to individuals who are low-income, underinsured, uninsured or unable to afford the cost of these services.

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Patients (both women and men) are referred to FHMC for free mammograms or testing through the Breast Cancer Prevention Fund on an individual, as-needed basis by local clinics and physicians, with one to two referrals received per week. The fund also allows FHMC to hold quarterly free mammography screening clinics which are promoted to the most vulnerable population of our community. For those individuals whose initial screening results warrant further testing, the Breast Cancer Prevention Fund will cover the cost of additional diagnostic tests, ranging from ultrasounds to MRIs.

By offering the opportunity for community members to receive these lifesaving screenings and tests at no cost, FHMC and those who support the Breast Cancer Prevention Fund are helping to increase the likelihood of early detection and better outcomes for local patients. 

Free mammography screenings and diagnostic tests are funded through community donations. 


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