Marsha Bollinger


Marsha Bollinger

In August 2013, at 66 years of age, Marsha Bollinger was diagnosed with breast cancer. Like so many others, those words hit her unprepared.

“Hearing those words pulls the carpet out from under you and changes so much,” says Marsha. “Suddenly, you are faced with important, sometimes frightening decisions, medical terms you aren’t familiar with, and an emotionally overwhelming situation.”

Marsha underwent surgery and four chemotherapy infusions followed by eight weeks of radiation therapy. She shares that she was able to cope with this ordeal through support from her husband, sister and friends, and the attention of her Nurse Navigator, Gloria Caine, RN at the Hearst Cancer Resource Center (HCRC).

“Gloria made a significant contribution to my treatment, guiding me and my husband throughout my cancer journey, educating us on the disease and treatments, and providing us with resources and emotional support.”

Now on the other side of cancer, Marsha looks back on the HCRC as a significant source of support to her and her family.

“The Hearst Cancer Resource Center helped give me a sense of hope and a feeling that I wasn’t alone on this journey,” she says.

After finishing treatments, Marsha couldn’t just say thank you and move on. She knew that she was changed by her experience, and wanted to channel her new perspectives into impact. She became a supporter and volunteer at the HCRC in September 2015, and has continued both roles ever since.

“I’ve experienced firsthand how the Hearst Cancer Resource Center impacts lives — spreading hope, strength and support to all who walk through their doors,” says Marsha. She stands behind the current effort to raise funds for the HCRC Endowment to ensure the same hope, strength and support will be available to community members fighting cancer for years to come.

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