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Several endowments have been established with the Foundation for the long term support of specific programs and services at French Hospital Medical Center. Endowments differ from regular restricted funds for several reasons: 

  • Each endowment has a stated purpose, for example providing funds for a particular hospital program or providing education scholarships for staff.
  • The amount originally provided to establish the endowment is invested by the Foundation in order to generate interest and grow the endowment. The core endowment principal is left intact while interest grows. 
  • A portion of the interest income may be used for the designated endowment purpose ever year, while the principal remains intact thus providing for the endowment’s stated purpose in perpetuity.

Existing Foundation Endowments

Gifts to the below endowments can be made online - please be sure to select the endowment you wish to contribute to from the drop down menu. Gifts can also be made by calling the Foundation office at 805-542-6496.

Angel of Hope Endowment

To support the Angel of Hope Fund, which provides immediate financial assistance for basic medical needs of cancer patients in treatment and their families. Financial assistance enables Hearst Cancer Resource Center clients to continue cancer treatments uninterrupted by helping them with day-to-day expenses such as medical supplies, transportation, medical insurance, co-payments and childcare.

Cardiac Care Endowment

To support medical equipment maintenance, new medical equipment and medical supplies for the Copeland, Forbes & Rossi Cardiac Care Center at French Hospital Medical Center.

Carol S. Judd Scholarship Endowment

To provide scholarships to nurses and/or technicians employed by French Hospital and working in the Copeland, Forbes and Rossi Cardiac Care Center to help advance their professional education and training.

Hearst Cancer Resource Center Endowment

To provide long term support for the programs and services of the Hearst Cancer Resource Center at French Hospital Medical Center. Learn more >

James R. Flanagan Educational Advancement Endowment

To support professional growth and development of Registered Nursing Personnel and/or Professional Staff Members employed at French Hospital Medical Center.

Jeanne Hutchison Stroke Program Endowment

To provide long term support for French Hospital’s Stroke Program, including purchase of technology and supplies, staff education, community outreach, and other areas of the stroke program, including the needs of the Emergency Department in the treatment of stroke patients. 


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