Alan Iftiniuk and Debby Nicklas stand next to the French Hospital entrance sign, with the hospital in the background.

2021-2022 Impact Report

Your Kindness in Action

The French Hospital Foundation is proud to present our annual Impact Report for Fiscal Year 2022 (July 2021 to June 2022). The report highlights the ways in which donor support has enabled the Foundation and hospital to touch the lives of our patients and community.

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Feature articles include:

  • Alan Iftiniuk and Debby Nicklas to Retire
  • Your kindness in action:Going Beyond Health
    • Hearst family supports critical patients with the new Hearst heliport
    • Diana Beaudry: Transforming local care for critical newborns
    • John Couch: Bringing healing and spiritual spaces to patients
    • Beyond Health Business Partners 
  • Making an impact
    • Finding hope and healing at the Hearst Cancer Resource Center
    • French Hospital nurse raises funds to support parents after the loss of a newborn
    • Share the Hope 2022
    • The French Cup 2022
  • Leaving a lasting legacy
    • Jim Copeland
    • Jim Sargen
  • Giving by the numbers
  • How funds are raised
  • Your support at work
  • French Hospital by the numbers 
  • Meet the Foundation: Staff and Board Officers 
  • Recognition


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