Nancy Russo McDevitt

Nancy Russo McDevitt

Generations of Generosity - Caring on her parents' legacy of giving 

Nancy Russo McDevitt is the youngest of three children who together have carried on their parents’ wishes through The Peter and Mary Russo Family Foundation. The Russo siblings give generously to honor the example of their parents, who used their self-made fortune to serve the people around them.

“They taught us that if we were fortunate, it was our job to give back.”

When Nancy moved to San Luis Obispo from New Jersey, she knew she wanted to support a medical organization. She was impressed by her tour of the French Hospital facilities, but what won her over was the dedication of its staff.

“In all organizations that I work with, my relationships with the people are the most special to me,” she says. “At French Hospital, people go about their jobs with such heart, and they’re just real people.”

Especially near and dear to Nancy’s heart is French Hospital’s commitment to caring for cardiac and stroke patients.

“I felt like my mother’s last stroke didn’t have to be the end of her existence. But it was,” Nancy said. “She spent seven years suffering from complications from her stroke. If I can save one person from going through something like that, then I want to do that.”

This passion led Nancy to generously support the new Copeland Health Education Pavilion and its cutting edge health care research. She shares, that in return, the experience has impacted her personally as well.

“I’ve spent more time than I like to think in hospitals,” she says. “I was afraid of them. But my perspective has changed since I got involved with French Hospital.”

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