Dewey Forry's Family Honors his Memory with a Gift

Dewey Forry

Dewey Forry passed away from cancer on April 26, 2017 at the age of 64. Dewey was the president of his family’s business, fruit grower-shipper DJ Forry Co. Prior to that, he played professional baseball as a pitcher for seven years in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. A career 1.21 earned-run average got him as far as the Dodgers’ Triple-A farm team in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Passion and commitment was something Dewey brought to everything he did.

“Wherever he was, everyone felt him,” says his brother, John Forry. “He was just a caring, loving guy who was good at what he did. Basically, he was just an all-powerful personality who touched many people’s lives.”

During his battle with cancer, Dewey was a patient at French Hospital, where he and his family experienced firsthand the compassion of French Hospital’s caregivers. They were grateful for the care Dewey received. In the midst of grieving, Dewey’s family turned to his doctor and asked how they could give back. Dr. Daniel Lewis suggested they donate to the Hearst Cancer Resource Center (HCRC) at French Hospital.

It felt right.

“My father really wanted to do something for others who were going through what he was going through,” says his daughter, Miranda. “Supporting the HCRC seemed to hit the mark on that, helping locals battling cancer.”

The Forry family organized Dewey’s First Annual Charger Classic Golf Tournament on May 27, 2017, just one day after his celebration of life. Individuals and businesses who knew Dewey poured support into the tournament, raising more than $20,000 for the HCRC Endowment.

“We organized a golf tournament because it had that sporting competitive edge to it but also allowed anyone and everyone to be a part of it in some capacity,” says Miranda. “It really was a beautiful weekend to honor my father and allowed for all of his family and friends to share stories, to share his spirit and to bond over who he was at his core.”

With the proceeds from the golf tournament, the family decided to name a patient room at French Hospital in Dewey’s honor, where patients will receive quality care and humankindness for years to come.

Dewey left his mark on French Hospital and its staff in more ways than one. He is quoted as saying at one point, “I know why I got cancer! It’s so I can make these people doing chemo with me smile.”

His presence is missed, but his legacy lives on through the countless lives he touched. French Hospital thanks the family and friends of Dewey Forry for their strength, generosity and compassion.

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