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Serenity Room for Caregivers

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The nature of providing patient care often places stress on caregivers. During any health care crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, our caregivers need opportunities to foster resiliency, manage stress, and maintain positivity.

With this in mind, French Hospital has created a Serenity Room for caregivers and hospital staff – a calming, private space designed to provide the opportunity for relaxation, self-reflection and self-careThe Serenity Room provides a much needed refuge at the hospital, allowing caregivers to manage stress and improve their wellbeing. By caring for themselves, our caregivers will be even better equipped to care for others.

The Serenity Room provides the equipment, tools and relaxing space needed for self-care and self-reflection during break times. This includes:

  • A calming environment featuring soft lighting, plants and soothing décor with relaxing music available
  • Body movement area for yoga or stretching
  • Meditation area with mediation cushions and tools to promote relaxation
  • Massage area with a massage chair or a recliner accompanied by massage devices
  • Aromatherapy area to stimulate the senses
  • Self-reflection area and serenity area for journaling, self-affirmation and more

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Donations will support the purchase of the below items needed for the Serenity Room. To donate an item from the list below, please call us at 805.542.6496 or email usPlease note that all donated items must be new or in like-new condition and must be made from a material that can be wiped down (with the exception of cushions which will be covered for each use).

Items Needed for the Serenity Room:

-  Aromatherapy Oils 
-  Aromatherapy Book 
-  Cotton Balls 
-  Himalayan Salt Lamp
-  Sound Machine 
-  Tibetan Sound Bowls
-  Stress Relief Gadgets
-  Stretching Chirp Wheel
-  Folding Gymnastic Floor Pad
-  Lighthearted Reading Material
-  Nutrition Books
-  Small Tabletop Inspirational Photos,
   Prints, Artwork
-  Journal Paper
-  Adult Coloring Book & Pens
-  Suggestion Box
-  Shoe Rack 
-  Dimmer Lamps/Light Fixtures 
-  Flameless Candles/Tealights
-  Standing Mirror
-  Headphones


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