Stollmeyer Family Birthing Center

2015-2016 Impact Report

Touching Lives 

The French Hospital Foundation is proud to present Touching Lives, the Foundation’s Impact Report for 2015-2016. The report highlights the ways in which French Hospital’s programs and services have touched the lives of our patients and community, made possible by the support of donors and the community. Feature articles include:

  • Moving French Hospital Forward - The Steed Family
  • A Legacy of Caring: Jeanne Hutchison
  • Creating an Environment of Healing - Art Installations
  • Generations of Generosity - Nancy McDevitt
  • Providing Care by Giving Back - Joan Gellert-Sargen
  • Breast Cancer Prevention Fund - Saving Lives
  • Foundation Fun(d) Raising Events - Fun(d) Raising at its Finest
  • Distinguished Friends

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