Aerial landscape photograph of San Luis Obispo with French Hospital in the foreground

Beyond Health Business Partners

Join French Hospital and enhance workforce wellness

Now more than ever, French Hospital Medical Center will help lead our local economy by offering the kind of care that will inspire local businesses and families moving here from out of the area.

Investing in top quality health care attracts employees to this region, and keeps the workforce local for their health care needs, reducing absenteeism and improving the wellbeing of your employees.

Beyond Health will add new head-of-household jobs including 17 ADDITIONAL PHYSICIANS and 297 MORE STAFF MEMBERS, including nurses, pharmacists, technicians, and others. This represents $35.2 MILLION in annual pay and benefits for the non-physician staff.

And the expansion will require between 240 and 300 local construction workers to complete the project. This new job creation will help offset some of the loss of the pending closure of Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.

How will your business go Beyond Health?

To learn more about how 100% of your partnership funds will serve your local community, visit or call us at 805-542-6496.