Michael and Sammy Pineau

Michael and Sammy Pineau

Successful Heart Surgery Prompts Generous Donation

Longtime San Luis Obispo residents Sammy and Michael Pineau experienced the importance of advanced medical technology when Michael was suddenly faced with life-threatening heart complications. After their experience at French Hospital Medical Center (FHMC), they made the decision to ensure the same care would always be available to others. 

It started with Michael experiencing shortness of breath.  Although he is described by his wife, Sammy, as being “fit as a fiddle”, Michael also faces a family history of heart disease. Knowing this, Michael visited Dr. Stephen Hilty, who immediately referred him to FHMC cardiologist Dr. Michael Famularo and was shocked to discover Michael’s problem was due to at least 90 percent blockage in seven of his coronary arteries.

Knowing that Michael would have to undergo heart surgery, the Pineaus turned to FHMC. During their visit to the hospital for his diagnostic EKG test, the couple was directed to the Copeland, Forbes and Rossi Cardiac Care Center. Seeing those names in huge letters in the hallway made Sammy realize that the treatment her husband would receive was a result of someone else’s generosity.

“It was inspiring to see that people are contributing to things you’ve never given consideration to,” says Sammy. Very shortly thereafter, Michael successfully completed heart surgery and was released from the hospital in less than three days, thanks to the expertise of FHMC surgeon Dr. Luke Faber and team of FHMC staff. Soon after, they made a donation to FHMC to honor Dr. Luke Faber.

As a result of their gratefulness and after being told of the plans for the new Advanced Hybrid Surgical Suite, which is located in the Copeland, Forbes and Rossi Cardiac Care Center, the Pineaus made an additional generous contribution in support of the project to the “French – Well into the Future” campaign.

“We value quality health care in our community, and we want to help ensure that the health care we experienced will always be available to others,” says Sammy. The couple hopes that their donation will inspire others to give, so that when the time comes and there is an urgent need for something, it is already available.

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