Jim Sargen

Jim Sargen

As the creator and CEO of TriActive America, a local company that produces outdoor fitness equipment, Jim Sargen has always believed in the importance of good health. As a local philanthropist, Jim’s interest in French Hospital was peaked in 2004 when the hospital became a not-for-profit hospital. He started learning more about the hospital and the Foundation, eventually joining the Foundation Board in 2005 and serving for several years.

A few years later, after experiencing firsthand the compassion and quality of care provided to patients at French Hospital, Jim started to consider how the future quality of health care would affect the lives of his family and friends, and what he could do to make sure his comunity had the best health care possible on the Central Coast.

His conclusion was that “if you can make a difference, you should.”

Making a planned gift was a natural next step for him. With this in mind, Jim added a generous bequest to his estate plan to benefit the hospital.

“If you want to do something worthwhile in your life that is helpful to you personally, and at the same time is equally helpful in your community, then making a gift is the right thing,” says Jim.

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